New Jersey weather has been nothing shy of bi-polar as of late. One minute I’m bundled up in layer after layer bracing the cold and the next minute it’s 60 degrees and I’m in a dress sans tights and a denim jacket. The latter was the case for this outfit and I am currently crushing hard on these Sam Eldeman floral booties. Between a winter day hitting 60 degrees and these booties I was feeling like I was stepping into Spring.

This Calvin Klein denim jacket is one of my most cherished wardrobe pieces because it was my mom’s when she was a twenty something like me. I’ve worn it year after year, season after season, basically any excuse I can get. So when the weather climbed well above freezing I jumped at the chance to create an outfit highlighting these booties and topping it off with this jacket.

I decided to go with an all black ensemble to really allow the shoes to take center stage. I decided to go with this black dress that flares at the waist and has a leather bodice detail that adds a hint of edge to an otherwise basic black dress. I got this at Marshall’s a couple years ago and I’m always finding new ways to wear it.

I was off to work and then had plans to help one of my best friends find a dress for Valentine’s Day after so I decided to add a sweater over the dress in case temperatures dropped later on. This sweater is the fuzziest and coziest one I’ve ever had and I found it during a major sale at Target. The same sale I mentioned before in which I went to Target solely for birthday cards and wrapping paper and left with a million new additions to my wardrobe.

I also added a statement necklace, which is one of my favorite ways to accessorize. I snagged this layered necklace on sale at American Eagle last summer. I chose a fringe crossbody bag for an effortless hands free option. And of course when the sun comes out so do my favorite pair of sunglasses oh and an iced chai tea latte.



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