On winter days that are cold, but less than frigid I love pairing over the knee boots with dresses or skirts because I can go sans tights and still keep my legs warm. I have to admit as much as I adore the over the knee boot trend I was skeptical to try it myself seeing as the tallest I stand barefoot is merely 5 foot 2. I’m also the first to accept whether it be a begrudging accepting or not, that some trends are better suited for certain body shapes, heights, etc. I will never be the 5 foot 10 model and therefore certain trends and styles were just be looks I admire from a far.

That being said I feared that this boot trend might be one of those styles, but when I was Christmas shopping this past holiday I went into the Nine West outlet and the store was having a phenomenal sale. I spotted these boots and just figured what’s the harm of trying them on. So I tried them on and to my surprise and delight they take over my entire leg and drown it, but in turn added length to my body and with a price tag of 60 percent off I couldn’t leave the store without them.

I stumbled upon this dress when shopping at Target for birthday cards and wrapping paper (long story short, I got things I was looking for as well as a cart full of clothes because the sale was incredible). I wish you could feel how soft this dress is because it’s literally one of the most comfortable things I own. Also I forgot to mention that this dress was marked down to $8.98 so how could I give it up? Well clearly I couldn’t. As I shared in a previous post this faux fur coat was a fabulous thrift/antique store find during my first year at Rutgers. The inside lining is ripped and the coat is probably a hundred years old, but I love it all the same and have been practically living it as of late.

My gold hoop earrings are also a thrift store find from high school that I have recently been starting to wear again depending on my outfit. I constantly change my accessory styles and for a while I was only sporting stud earrings, but have found small hoops and these ones and have been rotating them back into my jewelry collection. These Ray-Ban shades were a birthday present from my dad last year that were high on my wishlist and I have been obsessed with them ever since I laid my eyes on them and they laid on the bridge of my nose.

What trends are your current favorites?


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