One of the elements of fashion that I find incredibly fun is mixing styles that don’t typically go together like sneakers with skirts and dresses. I’ve been pairing dresses and converse for as long as I can remember and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I decided to pair a pencil skirt with a cropped, hooded sweater with the pair of converse I’m currently deeming as my favorite for a look that I found to be a happy mix of sporty and feminine.

Although the day was sunny, the air was nip so I topped off the look with another one of my faux fur coats (you may or may not be starting to see my affinity for them now). This coat was a surprising purchase for me because I found it at Hollister. Those of you who went to high school the same years I did know that Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch were the brands to wear. The halls of Manasquan High School were full of jean skirts from either of these stores and UGG boots.

As of late Hollister has made strides to update its styles to match current fashion trends while still keeping the laid back California vibe the brand is known for. Months ago when I was scrolling through Instagram a Hollister sponsored advertisement appeared on my feed and I saw this coat. I instantly loved it, but didn’t purchase it. When Christmas shopping in the mall I went into Hollister to get my younger cousins some clothes and spotted the coat in the sale room marked half off and I knew it was meant to be. It’s so soft and I love the mix of neutrals in the fur.

I bought the pencil skirt from Old Navy last year and the sweater from Urban Outfitters a couple years back. I scored the converse on sale in an outlet store in Georgia when I was there visiting a friend. Another trend you are probably starting to see is that I buy a lot of clothes on sale. I love finding great deals and sales because I’m not made of money, but can’t help adding to my wardrobe every chance I get. This is where thrift stores, outlet stores, and sales come in beautifully.

Share some of your favorite places to shop in the comments section below!


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