Currently Coveting: Round Frame Sunglasses

My obsession with round frame, John Lennon-esque Ray-Bans took shape a little over a year ago. I loved the look of them, but wasn’t positive they were the right shape for my face since my go-to sunglasses for years prior were always oversize. I joked with my friends that I liked my sunglasses big so they covered most of my face. So out of my comfort zone I stepped and found that I absolutely adored the smaller round frames.

I was Christmas shopping when I stumbled upon the Ray-Ban classic round pair of sunglasses that I had my eye on and after trying them on they rose to the top of my wishlist. My birthday is only a few weeks after Christmas and when my dad took me shopping for my birthday I quickly picked out my sought after sunnies. I’ve been rocking the shades ever since and while I still wear some of my other oversize pairs from time to time, the round Ray-Bans remain my favorite. I’ve rounded up some styles below of various price points as well as my exact pair for all your shopping pleasures.


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