Velvet Mini Meets Lace Up Boot

As of late I’ve had a hard time going into Target and only purchasing the few items I needed without loading my cart with a mountain of clothing. Oh and maybe a pair of shoes… or two… if I’m being completely honest. I’m sure you have all seen the memes floating around social media stating if you’re sad go to Target, if you’re happy go to Target, if you’re bored go to Target and so on and so forth. Long story short, Target is the cure for everything … except growing my bank account, but that’s neither here nor there.

The last few times I was in Target the clothing that is already extremely affordable and as of late has really been hitting a style plateau if you ask me, was also on major clearance. I’m talking $9 dresses, $6 tops and no single item that I purchased was over $20, most weren’t even over $10. Needless to stay with prices that low I couldn’t resist the urge to fill my cart.

I adore the deep colors and velvet texture of this mini dress and of course the long bell sleeves. I’ve been head over heels for 70’s style clothing this past year and one of the trends top on my list is the bell sleeve. I added one of my go-to faux furs and high boots to round out the look. The boots were on sale for $14 and I’ve been wearing them every chance I get before the weather warms up. They’re so comfortable and I love the lace up front paired with the knee high height.

The dress has a keyhole detail in the front and back as well as a statement print so I decided to keep my jewelry minimal with stud earrings and my usual go-to rings. Also my clutch is the front part of my DVF Secret Agent Tote zipped off of the bag. Since these were in-store clearance items I couldn’t find them online, but I rounded up some similar styles to shop below!



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