Bold Bottoms

When I saw these bold, red pants with all the ruffle details on Nasty Gal I was instantly hooked. I will admit that they of course look slightly different on me than the model (I’m a mere 5 foot 2 so the length of the pants will hit at a more cropped length on those who have been gifted with the height gene). Regardless, I love them and they are so unbelievably comfortable. I paired them with knee high lace up boots with a heel to give me a little extra height and since the pants are flared the boots fit seamlessly underneath.

I had recently purchased this cropped, striped t-shirt from Urban Outfitters and thought that it would make for a fun look as opposed to going completely plain on top. I topped it off with a black blazer and kept my accessories simple with my black and gold Cluse watch and gold hoops. Of course I was still wearing all my rings because they’re a daily staple for me.

I have recently been doing a decent amount of online shopping and yes decent may actually be an understatement. Typically I shy away from online shopping unless it’s handbags or shoes because in clothing my size differs by brand and store and I’d rather try something on first. However, when I stumble on some amazing online sales I make an exception to my rule and do my best to choose a size that fits me best.

If you have similar issues with online shopping like me I recommend two things. The first is try to online shop from stores you frequently shop at in store and already have a pretty strong knowledge of what size you are in said store or brand. The second would be to look at the details section of the piece you’re shopping and see how tall the model is, her measurements and the size she’s wearing and how that correlates with your size.

What are your favorite stores or sites to shop online? Shop some exact pieces from my look and similar styles below!




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