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One of my all time favorite parts of fashion is the ability to transform your look and dress so differently from one day to the next. More specifically, I adore possessing the ability to dress straight out of the ’60s and ’70s one day with wide leg bell bottoms, peasant blouses and platform heels or channeling a more “grunge-esque” look the next day with ripped up denim, bulky combat boots and a cropped ringer tee. I don’t have a signature style because one I probably would have a very difficult time picking one, and two, for me fashion has always been a way to express myself and change up my look at any moment. This brings me to the look above, which as you probably already guessed, was all things mod, minus the Twiggy eye makeup of course.

I snagged this dress during Zara’s major sale in January and couldn’t be happier with the fit and feel of it. I love the rhinestone details on the Peter Pan collar, which adds just a little something extra to an all black dress and with a price tag of $9.90 what’s a girl to do, but buy it immediately? The mini length struck me mod, and I was ready to create an entire outfit inspired by just that. I’ve had this geometric print jacket for probably about three years now. One of my best friendS works in a local boutique, and I scored this beauty during one of their half-off sales. The jacket is Paper Crane and although I can’t remember the price, I can say with much certainty that I didn’t pay more than $30 for it.

For those who don’t know me I am a bargain and vintage enthusiast and always have been. Since I’m so passionate about fashion and style and love changing my look frequently, I learned from a young age that in order to achieve this, I must scour the clearance racks, shop at vintage stores and purchase items that are on sale or already a reasonable price like pretty much everything at Forever 21. When I walk into a store I take in everything, but I zone in on the sale racks.

Don’t get me wrong  I love high fashion designers and their beautiful creations, but at this point in my life, I don’t have the money or means to go into Chanel and pick up a designer handbag as if it’s nothing. If someday I have that luxury, that’s great, and if someday I don’t, that’s fine too. Anyway, now that you understand a little bit more about me and the type of shopper I am, let’s get back to this look.

I love Nine West shoes. I always find great deals in a Nine West outlet store near me as well as at Lord & Taylor during markdowns. These over-the-knee black suede boots are so comfortable with a great heel height, and not so surprisingly, I got them for a little more than half off during one of Lord & Taylor’s Clearance events. That store does not use #BestPricedSecret for nothing.

These Kate Spade sunnies are my newest pair of sunglasses, which I snagged at a Kate Spade outlet store during my Christmas shopping back in December. While I strove my hardest to only shop for others, when sunglasses are marked down 60 percent and you’re going to get them for under $35, it’s hard to just walk away. Plus I immediately fell in love with the old Hollywood feel and look of them. The style and crisp white color gave off a mod appeal that I adored and when it came to styling the above outfit I knew it would not be complete without these shades.

I even decided to wear my hair down and try out a visible bobby pin look as opposed to pinning them under my hair. I’ve recently been inspired by one of the blogger’s I follow, Brittany Xavier of  Thrifts and Threads, and her bobby pin clad hairstyles, so I decided to give it my own shot. I definitely didn’t pull it off quite as effortlessly chic as Xavier, but I do enjoy the trend and definitely had some fun with it.

In addition, this pink lip color is one of my absolute favorites. It’s from Bare Minerals and it goes on so easily with a lasting color that doesn’t flake as the day goes on. It’s nice and smooth and can be reapplied without cracking. My favorite part about the lipstick though would have to be that my youngest cousin picked it out and gave it to me as a Christmas present when he was maybe around 11 years old. He told my aunt that the color was totally Sammy. My heart immediately melted.

Although I couldn’t link my exact look below, I rounded up some similar styles from brands and stores that I love with price tags that I can definitely get behind for you to shop.

Do you have your own signature style or do you like to change up your look regularly? Let me know in the comments below.




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