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One of the greatest things about fashion is that you have the capability to constantly evolve your personal style. While having a signature style is chic and noteworthy, I adore being able to change my look each day. Some days I’m in the mood to wear a sweater dress and converse, but other days I want to step into the 70’s in flare denim and peasant blouses with a fringed crossbody bag hanging from my shoulder and John Lennon styled Ray Bans perched on my nose. The ability to reflect your mood and be ever changing is one of the magnificent upsides of fashion.

In writing and everyday life I have a passion for all things fashionable. My love for fashion developed strongly during my high school years and has continued to grow with each passing year. I attended a Catholic grammar school so, from kindergarten to eighth grade, I wore a uniform five days a week. I was also an athlete, so there were many weekends spent in various uniforms over the years. High school was the first time I was able to dress how I wanted on a daily basis. Eventually I found my love for thrift stores and began playing with different styles. I went through a hippy stage where I loved anything and everything with peace signs and flowers and adored having my long blonde hair in waves.

Eventually I chopped and lightened my hair and started to dip my toes into the land of high heels. I loved accessories and jewelry and was always changing it up. By senior year I was one of the editors of my high school newspaper and wrote fashion articles providing tips and style do’s and don’ts for each season. College was another four years of style changes with my closet constantly growing and my love of shopping never faltering. After graduating college two years ago, my tastes continued to change and my style followed suit.

I still deeply enjoy changing up my look from day to day and the versatility of fashion, but certain things remain constant. I have an affinity for faux fur — coats, vests, stoles — I adore it all. I love designer handbags and sunglasses, but at the same time I’m quick to buy that $20 dress from Marshall’s. With a love of fashion as deep as mine and my constant need to grow my wardrobe, bargain shopping is one of my best friends. I’m quick to shop sale racks, outlet and discount stores, and always seem to find fabulous budget friendly pieces.

I love dark nail polish no matter the season and have found a newer obsession in lipstick. This past summer, I became crazed over overalls, an obsession that still continues today, and I can never have too many shoes. I have built my outfits from the shoes up on endless occasions.  I have an infatuation with rings and, similar to shoes, it’s the more the merrier. My favorite ring is a sterling silver and turquoise one that I stumbled upon during an estate sale at a local jeweler. I love that it has a story and is large and statement worthy.

Although my love for fashion runs deep, so does my love of writing and this love came years and years prior. Since writing and fashion are two of my biggest passions in life, why not let them collide into one here? I hope you all enjoy reading this blog and seeing firsthand my creative side come to life as much as I enjoy making it happen.

Today I’m a 30-something beach girl with a lot to wear and a lot to say, but this blog is a place for all of you too so please share your thoughts and personal style as well. And last but far from least, always remember to remain stylishly yours.

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